Diverse Kindergarten

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DOK is part of an initiative to create safe environments for child care in our area.


We are helping with start-up costs and licensing for those who want to start their own in-home child care.  We will assist in the beginning stages of set up and marketing for the child care. We will also host continuing education for existing child care providers in order to maintain licensure.


Parents work, children play and learn. This initiative will help to secure our work force, create more jobs and best of all, keep our babes in good stead in our absence. 


Building Blocks Child Care

Proud to announce our first School of Cute graduate Sam Hicks with Building Blocks Child Care Center, our neighbor down the street here in Oxford. 


Sam has been serving her community as a care provider for 12 years and has opened her own center and just received her license for infants, toddlers and school age children! Sam will partner with DOK community center to bring Nature Matters afterschool program to Oxford in Fall 2021.


Congratulations Sam! Sam can be reached at 608.586.5838


more information can be found at her website:


New After-school Program for Fall 2021

Volunteers Needed

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Details to follow!

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