Mothers for Mothers

This program is designed to be an open support to women and families as they prepare to have their child and in the "4th trimester" after their child is born. 


Quarterly natural birthing and prenatal classes will be taught by Lola Burmeister, (Doctor of Acupuncture and Doula, UCSD, 2009). These classes will assist parents-to-be in learning what to expect in their labor and delivery experience and offer ways to promote a birth experience that is uninterrupted, safe and one in which offers best outcome for mother and baby.


Parents will be offered support in their birth plan and prepared to nurse or best feed their baby. This initiative also promises contact for the 12 weeks after your child is born with access to on-call doulas, midwives and a NICU nurse.


Look to pop up classes on parent- infant bonding through touch and babies first foods classes.