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Health in Family Planning and Fertility

Understand common patterns that make  pregnancy difficult  or uncomfortable.  Learn ways to help yourself be the healthiest person possible. Write in to  or call 608.635.0206 for questions about you or your partner's health preconception (pre-pregnancy).

Preparing Healthy Food


Pregnancy Meal Plan for
All Three Trimesters

See what foods are best for you and your baby as you grow together throughout your pregnancy.  

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Yoga in Pregnancy

Avoid discomfort as you grow in your pregnancy.  Prepare for labor and delivery with a stress reducing exercise that keeps you strong and flexible. 



Birth Preferences Plan

Circle and highlight your preferences for your birth experience.  Receive a complimentary telemedicine consultation to talk through your personalized and informed birth plan.  Consults with Dr. Lola, our doctor of traditional medicine who specializes in labor and delivery, postpartum care and pediatrics, are one hour.  Appointments can be made at or 608.635.0206.

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Taking Special Care in PostPartum

Learn with Dr. Lily Lu Gillespie about ways to ensure your health after pregnancy.  Taking 40 days of specific care after your baby arrives will protect your health as a woman, produce more milk for your child and help to avoid deficiencies and depression after birth. Taking care of yourself after birth is the best way to care for your baby. Learn about sitz baths, herbal teas and soups and other strategies to recover from your delivery.  Remember, taking special care of yourself after birth will give you the best start in bonding with your baby. 



How and When to Start Baby's Solid Foods

Learn what foods are safe for your child's development. This website offers long lists of foods and how to cut and cook in categories of your child's age group. 

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Wisconsin Resources for Families

Learn about the Sharing Center for baby needs, the Diaper Bank and Baby Care Packages as well as hotlines, classes and outreach at Baby & Beyond, Wisconsin.

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