Organic Vegetables


Farmer's Market to resume in Spring!

Farmer's Market will be held at the onset of the season.

Fresh produce and flowers will be provided via the Amish Auction every Saturday morning, 7am until after noon at our community center 135 Ormsby Street, Oxford. 


Please contact Drops of Kindness to make requests to order or to volunteer to host. 


This market is an initiative to address the "grocery desert" that our rural area has been described to be. We want fresh foods available to every household. Excess from the market will be donated to local churches and summer school programs.


In addition to the market, we propose DIY gardening support and food preservation classes to assist in food shortage relief year round. 

Mast Family Amish Farms was a hit!  

We gave produce Saturdays sold by donation and

moved 500 lbs of organic produce to our local community during a grocery desert!