This book is dedicated to my children who taught me to "Trust the Process" as I watched their amazing transformations in life.

The wondrous story of a caterpillar metamorphizing into a butterfly takes the reader on an ingenious journey of delight with photographs and a simple timely message from author Jill Bachmann: Trust the Process.

How does it get better than this?


What else is possible?


A story of transformation

   that all ages will understand and enjoy.

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Trust the Process
Trust the Process
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Trust the Process
Trust the Process
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Trust the Process

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Note from the author:

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Again Jill collected eggs and watched. This time she captured this process with photos.

The words of this story evolved as she reflected on her life and became more aware of the delicate and magical process which connects all of life like a glistening spider web.

Jill’s son recently asked her this question, “Does the caterpillar think its life is over as it builds the chrysalis? Or is it aware that it is becoming a Butterfly?”

I replied, “I wonder if he simply thinks,

                “How does it get better than this?”

                “What else is possible?’

                  And so it is.

Jill has had a longtime fascination with butterflies. When she was very young, her father constructed a progressive butterfly enclosure for her to collect, raise and observe the life cycle of the Monarch. Jill really enjoyed the collecting of eggs on milkweed plants, watching the caterpillars grow day by day, the beautiful creation of the chrysalis, and the magic moment of the transformation into butterfly!

Recreating this experience again 50 years later in a beautiful garden Jill’s husband created for her, occurred about the same time their three sons were moving through their transformation and emerging into adulthood.

Readers reviews:

"This beautiful story reminds us that when we are going through changes in our lives, even the dark and scary ones, we need to "Trust the Process"."

"What a great book with a powerful message for children and adults."

"Loved this book! My kids and I can't get enough of it!!!!"

"Trust the Process came today, What a beautiful interpretation of such a beautiful journey in all. I really needed this reminder at this point in my life, my daughter loves the pictures as well and such a wonderful life lesson to start teaching at a young age. Thank you for sharing your passion in such a way that touches all ages."