A diverse community has evolved from Sky Blue Dreams.


Over the past 10 years a collective awareness has been created, grown and evolved. Contributing members of our local community and beyond, have created a beautiful network, connecting people with limitless possibilities for Healing, Health & Happiness.


We are now expanding from the physical walls of the building we know as “Sky Blue Dreams” and becoming “Drops of Kindness, LLC 501c3”

Introducing Drops of Kindness

The focus for Drops Of Kindness is on creating an environment in which people can:

  • find the answers they seek

  • achieve inner peace & resiliency

  • and be a contributing member of a movement that will enrich our local and global community.

Drops of Kindness will connect people with opportunities throughout our community, county, state and beyond. We are committed to creating Harmony by leading, sharing and serving. We will bring together facilitators, teachers, coaches, practitioners, masters, providers, seekers, and students, collectively contributing to our planet, our people and all creatures in a positive light.


        Join us on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 from 2 - 4 pm at Sky Blue Dreams


We  will  be introducing the new Drops of Kindness website, explaining how you or your organization can be a Drop of Kindness of the Healing Highway, answering questions, and welcoming possibilities for our future. And we will have refreshments.


How can I become a Drop Of Kindness? What does it cost?

Complete the registration form that will be available on the Drops Of Kindness website. Registration fee is $50.00 for our first year - due by March 1st, 2017. 

Your yearly membership fee allows you to be listed on our Drops of Kindness website with a link to your website or Facebook page. You will be included on the Healing Highway banner, you can have your business cards displayed at Sky Blue Dreams, and you'll be invited to have a table at all of our events. The first "Do Kindness" event will be on May 13th, 2017 in Oxford, WI.       


     Be a contribution to create the harmonious, 

                                   healthy & happy world we choose. 


Questions - contact Jill jill@skybluedreams.net  or 715-252-4421