How Exciting!

Rhianna is coming back to Sky Blue Dreams on

Wednesday, November 7th

Do you need help with understanding the things you've

experienced in 2018? Make an appointment with Rhianna today.

Join Rhianna for mystical happenings, inspiration, laughter, tears, and Spirit messages.

Rhianna is widely recognized for her spiritual mentoring and psychic mediumship. She has changed the lives of many who have lost loved ones by conveying messages and conversations from the unseen worlds. This type of communication provides healing and empowerment for grieving survivors. In sharing insightful spirit messages from deceased loved ones helps view our losses as stepping stones on our soul's evolving journey.

Rhianna's work offers Hope and Healing of the mind and spirit.

May we all move forward beyond tragedy, grief and loss to a renewed life of freedom, joy and purpose!

Currently Rhianna continues her counseling/teaching ministry in Central Wisconsin and other parts of the US. Her mission is reflected by her dedication and compassion by providing guidance and counsel for those in need who seek higher understanding of the "Soul's Purpose" for personal and spiritual transformation.

A graduate of Sancta Sophia Seminary, Rhianna has also studied extensively with special interests in mysticism and human consciousness. A leading expert in intuition training she has conducted numerous workshops assisting individuals ready to explore their own abilities.

Please come with an open mind!

Rhianna will be at Drops of Kindness on Wednesday, November 7th.

Call or text Lola at 507-993-8911 to make your appointment.

Appointments are available from 10:00 -  2:30pm

One Hour $85.00
Half Hour $50.00