Master Gregory

When: August

Where:Drops of Kindness
135 Ormsby St (Hwy 82) - Oxford, WI


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Renew yourself with a one-on-one visit with Master Gregory

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First visit, about 1 1/2 hours.  $225.00

All additional visits to Gregory in the future, about one hour.   $125.00

Prescribed oils are $17.00 per bottle

Any prescribed herbs vary greatly to individual needs.


Gregory Antyuhin uses Energy Medicine to detect and correct imbalances in the body’s energy fields.  Examples of such fields are: electric, magnetic, sonic, biological and accustic. Energy Medicine provides an early warning system for potential disruptions in our chemical, emotional or physical balance.  Once detected, homeostasis is then restored using holistic therapies.

In Russia, Gregory is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist.  He studied at the Medical Institute of Stavropol in Russia, graduated with an M.D. and a specialty in psychiatry focusing on depressive states.  Before moving to America, he worked as the head of a medical clinic in the health resort city of Pyatigorsk, Russia.

Gregory has devoted much of his studies to psychosomatic medicine, believing in the active interaction of body and mind in a healthy, sound organism.  He has exceptional abilities with diagnosis and perceptive treatment of humans.  He looks carefully at each client, “scanning” him from head to toe.  He then remarks on any abnormalities he finds in the person’s bodily functions.  Having observed his work for a long time, I can verify that his diagnoses are very accurate.  He is able to locate the primary source of people’s sufferings and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Gregory possesses other even more notable diagnostic abilities.  For example, concentrating on the name and age of a person who is not present, he is able to describe in detail the psychological and physical state of the person.  All he needs is the name and age of the person to perform this remarkable technique.  In Russia, and also in the States, he is working with the University of Madison, and has experienced much success with his clients through the technique of biofield energy manipulation.

Gregory has appeared on the television show “Put to The Test” in Los Angeles which aired on the Learning Channel and proved Gregory Antyuhin has advanced perceptual skills and is an amazing phenomenon.  Gregory presents his finding to you like a talking x-ray and MRI machine, all from a holistic perspective.  He can see the root causes of your health challenges, chronic illnesses, and past injuries.  The BBC in Britain dubbed him Dr. X-ray based on his accuracy as a medical intuitive and world-renowned healer to over 30,000 individuals all over the world.

Gregory has authored three books, has DVD’s and recordings of his classes and lectures which he has performed throughout the world.  He also does Energy work with his clients and offers classes and presents lectures when he is in Milwaukee.

We live in a world which discounts our own abilities to regulate our state of mind and our health. We tend to look outside of ourselves for solutions.  If we can gain the ability to go inside for guidance, we can be part of our healing.  Gregory can help.