Birdsong Massage



Massage price list


30 min-$35

60 min- $55

75 min-$70

90min- $85


Birdsong Bundles

2-60 min ($100)

4-60 min ($200)

6-60 min ($300)









Ultimate Sunshine Massage: $110


90 minute treatment includes:

a relaxing foot soak/salt scrub

full body dry brushing

full body massage with essential oil,

Essential oil infused hot towels,

warm hand paraffin treatment.

Perfectly balanced to make you shine!

Upgrade your experience


Essential oil $5

Foot soak/salt scrub $5

Hand paraffin treatment $5

Full body dry brushing $10

Cupping $10

Other Services

Foot Reflexology: $45

Total foot massage focuses on stimulating the nerves of the bottom of the feet that correspond with certain parts of the body.

Ear candling: $45

Herbal alternative for removing excess earwax. The ear candle is a long hollow candle placed in the ear. The end of the candle on the outside of the ear is lite creating a vacuum within the ear canal to draw out earwax and impurities.

Sinus cleansing $45

Facial massage focusing on sinus pressure points. Steamy vapors of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint are inhaled to ease sinus congestion.

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Trio of Candles