Qigong instructor Marilyn

Qigong with Marilyn


Come unwind, relax and enjoy the flow of healing energy, as we practice together.


Monday: 5:00 - 6:00pm    at Sky Blue Dreams in Oxford

Wednesday in Montello, WI.  at Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC, 5 Main St from 6 - 7pm

Saturday in Big Flats - 10-11am


Fee: $5 per session

You can reach Marilyn at bearpup@maqs.net or text/call 608-963-6885.

Qigong is an ancient healing practice, thousands of years old and is the basis of Tai Chi.  Qi is life force energy that flows through your body.  Gong is the method or practice.  Put together, Qigong is the practice of moving your life force energy through your body to bring healing and balance for body, mind and spirit.  It is not a religion, people of all faiths can and do practice these methods. As you practice qigong, you can find relief and healing for anything that ails you.

I have been trained in Master Chunyi Lin’s, Spring Forest Qigong, by Karyn niin Kitigade. I also investigate and study many other methods of qigong and find they have many similarities. I incorporate movements from all methods into my sessions.

The practice I facilitate is Monday evening at Sky Blue Dreams in Oxford, WI. We gather at 5:15 to check in with each other and our sessions begin at 5:30. We do the movements for about 45 minutes and end with a short 5-10 minute meditation.  Fee: $5. Per session

Story Telling

This summer I will be doing story telling at Buckhorn State Park north of Mauston, WI - End your 4th of July week celebrations, by joining me Friday July 7th at Buckhorn State Park - 7pm in the amphitheater area for family appropriate story telling! You will need an State park entry sticker and bug protection! (after all it is summer in Wisconsin!) Lawn chairs and/or blankets would also be a good idea! I hope to see you there!




My Background:

My son and daughter have brought nine grandchildren into my life. I enjoy sharing life with them and watching them become wonderful adults.

I am a retired Pastor. Ordained by American Baptist Churches. I specialized in working with churches that were getting ready for their next pastor.  I also worked as a chaplain ministering to people of all faiths as they worked through varying experiences of life, at hospitals, nursing home, rehab centers, sanctuaries for battered men and women and Youth Centers. I have also walked with many individuals seeking spiritual direction.

I have also worked in customer service and sales.

Putting this all together:

 I am available to lead qigong sessions ($5 per person), as well as individual healing sessions ($20 each session)

 I am also willing to work with any pastoral needs (i.e. weddings, baptisms, dedications, counseling, home blessings, funerals), including spiritual direction.  Fees to be determined by the requests presented on a sliding scale.

I also trained with a Native American Comanche Holy Man and love sharing the traditions I have been taught.

You can reach me at bearpup@maqs.net or text/call 608-963-6885.