Do Kindness

Drops of Kindness is a nonprofit 501c3 that seeks to create Harmony by leading & serving others.

​We are a diverse group of professionals with a common goal - to connect people with limitless possibilities for Joy, Healing, Health & Happiness.

​Our focus is on creating an environment in which people can:

  • find the answers they seek

  • achieve inner peace & resiliency

  • and be a contributing member of a movement that will enrich our local and global community

Drops of Kindness provides services for the health and well-being of body, mind and Spirit. We offer qigong, yoga, hypnosis, EFT, massage, acupuncture, Access Bars and more.  


Drops of Kindness is concerned with the percentage of the population who have exhausted traditional western options for health management and are left wondering what to do next. In particular,


Drops of Kindness is also concerned with the under-served veterans who have returnedto our communities.

Drops of Kindness has commissioned acclaimed artist and veteran, Ash Kyrie, to create a memorial which will be erected in Oxford, WI. This memorial is dedicated to a soldier's sacrifices made for their nation’s hopes and dreams. The memorial will be a space filled with our veterans’ presence while honoring the space that cannot be re-filled.  Through death or personal changes that each soldier experiences the space they once filled is eternally altered. "No Soldier returns uninjured".  


The veteran isn't the only alteration that occurs; the returning soldier affects the society they return to.  This memorial is created to disseminate awareness of a returning veteran’s experience, the experience of their family and community at large. Through awareness we can unite to heal.


About the artist:  After returning from the Iraq, Ash Kyrie studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2007 he graduated with a BFA emphasizing sculpture and photography.  Ash continued his formal education at Ohio State University with a Masters in Fine Art and a minor in Comparative Cultural Studies. Ash currently is the curator for the National Veterans Museum and travels internationally to lecture on political context and examine the aesthetics in popular media images.