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Dan Romain Ph.D- Naturopath


As a naturopath, my #1 focus is helping you experience greater health, well-being and energy by teaching you how to tap into and work with your body's natural and innate capacity for health and healing.

And I mean REAL health and vitality.  Too many people these days think they are healthy if they're not on much medication, don't have allergies, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  They think they're healthy if they exercise or if they hardly ever get sick.  But the absence of symptoms is NOT what it really means to be healthy.

In my practice, I have the privilege of helping people eliminate many (if not all) of their symptoms using natural (and usually non-invasive and non-painful) methods.  More importantly, I have the privilege of teaching and supporting them to take simple steps that form a foundation for increased health and vitality throughout their lives.

This means that getting older does not automatically sentence you to a lifetime of aches, pains and other disease - nor to a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions.  It also means that our children do not have to experience the symptoms that are common these days - like ear ache, allergies,  ADD/ADHD or even things like childhood obesity, diabetes or asthma.

As a society, we've actually lowered the bar in terms of what we consider to be healthy - and have resigned ourselves to and "normalized" symptoms like headaches, allergies, diabetes, aches & pains, digestive issues, fibromyalgia and even ADHD.  We think we can't do anything about it - and I'm here to tell you that we can.

More importantly, I'm telling YOU that you can do something about it.  No matter what your present level of health and vitality (good or bad), you can become even healthier, more energized and better able to enjoy your life.   And it doesn't have to be hard or painful!

I know this to be true because of my own personal experience, my formal training and the experiences and successes I have witnessed in the lives of people I have worked with.

My interest in natural healing, nutrition and our body's amazing capacity for health began when I was in college - and my passion has intensified throughout my adult life.    In the 1990s, both my wife and I experienced severe health challenges (including my own Environmental Chemical Sensitivity) which we both chose to address in non-traditional, natural and holistic ways.  This commitment (and need) both inspired and forced me to learn advanced natural healing and detoxification practices and gave me the opportunity to work with and study under some incredible (some world-renowned) healers.   It was this learning-from-my-own-experience that ultimately led to my formal training as a traditional naturopath through Clayton College of Natural Health.

As a traditional naturopath, my approach in working with you will be customized and comprehensive - both in its efforts to improve your health and treat any symptoms or illness you may have.  I am able to offer this unique, customized approach by using a variety of diagnostic tools and practices - including a sophisticated electro-dermal testing system known as Asyra®.

The Asyra® system allows me to quickly, effectively and painlessly evaluate you for allergies, pathogens, toxins, emotional factors, structural issues, metabolic issues, and hundreds of other areas that are impacting your health.  And since this testing is on a bioenergetic (i.e., chemical and electrical) level, it can detect imbalances and toxins in the body much earlier than many conventional medical tests - thereby allowing for early intervention, healing and true preventative medicine.

In other words, we have the opportunity to catch health problems before they become more severe.  


The Asyra® system - combined with iridology, nutritional consultation, reflexology, homeopathy and client education - helps me pinpoint the areas and ways you can most effectively begin working WITH your body and harness its natural ability for health and vitality.

Once you understand - as I do - how your body works and the capacity for health you have within you - you will be amazed.   When you start to work with your body and experience the results that I have experienced - as well as my wife and clients - I am confident you will not only start to feel better physically - but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with and support you on your journey to greater health.   Give me a call at 608-432-2118 and we'll discuss what that could look like and how you can begin to reclaim or revitalize your health - naturally!


Note:  I schedule my consultations and appointments myself, so call me at 608-432-2118 to schedule your own two-hour Comprehensive Health Evaluation & Action Plan.   Mention this website to receive a 25% discount on the cost of this 2+ hour consultation.